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What is The Difference BetweenPreschooland DaycareSchool?

The terms preschool and daycare are used interchangeably among parents and teachers. While most institutions offer both programs in the same setting, in general, a daycare offers care to children from 6 weeks to 12 years, whereas a preschool typically admits children from 2.5 to 5 years of age.

A preschool, also called nursery school and kindergarten in India focuses on providing care, as well as opportunities for play and socializing.It is an educational establishment that offers early childhood education. It also offers curriculum and assessments so that the teachers are aware about the strengths and weaknesses of children.

On the other hand, a daycareoffers a child watching service for the working parents. These full-time care centres focus on feeding children, story-telling, putting them to sleep and making them play for some time.

Detailed Overview of Preschool and Daycare School

Preschool: Detailed Overview

Children who have moved beyond toddlerhood, but aren’t old enough for kindergarten or first grade are admitted to a preschool. The school provides a foundation for elementary school and a smooth transition to the formal schooling by following similar schedules and teaching philosophies, closing on holidays and during summer. Older toddlers experience more structured education at preschool.

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Teachers incorporate games and activities to build academic and social skills – counting, letter recognition and writing. Children’s brains are growing rapidly at this age, therefore engaging them in various activities and lessons at preschool reaps great benefit once they enter the first grade.

Daycare: Detailed Overview

Daycare school is typically for younger children, who are away from their home for five to eight hours and need full-time care. Some older children also go to daycareafter school hours, while their parents are away for work. Rather than offering formal education, Daycare centres are more focussed towards providing a safe environment for children, where they can eat, sleep and play. These are a more convenient choice for working parents as the school remains open for long hours, even during holidays.

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Preschools and daycare are children’s stepping stone towards the regular social interactions. They prepare them for formal schooling and getting used to staying away for home. Therefore, parents must choose an institution that keeps their child happy in a safe and protected environment. To ensure that the kid is in good hands, it is important that the parents visit the facility before-hand, interact with the teachers and get reviews from the fellow parents.

How Do I Choose A Play School for My Child? - St.Xaviers Blessings

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How Do I Choose A Play School for My Child?

Choosing a playschool for your kid can be one of the most overwhelming tasks. Like every parent, you also want your child to spend the crucial years of his/her life in an enjoyable and nurturing environment. Play school is the first step you take for your kidstowards building a strong foundation for their future and you want to make sure that it is the best and the most secure future you built. So, it’s important you do your research – ask around for recommendation and referrals, browse the internet and local parenting magazines and go on interviews before enrolling your kid at a play school. There are many more factors that need to be considered before zeroing down on aplay school for kids.

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Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right school for your tiny tot.


One of the most important features to consider is the placement of the preschool. The school should be in the vicinityof your home or work place so that you can reach your child whenever needed. So, begin your online search by typing ‘play school near me’.Also, you must take into consideration that the area surrounding the school is hygienic i.e. no stagnant waterbody nearby, which can lead to diseases.

Do your Research

You can ask your friends, relatives, neighbours or search online for the play schools in your area. Make sure you don’t choose the school based only on its brand value – it must have a good reputation. Get detailed information about the staff, fee structure, hours of operation, vacation schedule, etc.

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Become Aware of Familiar Terms

Terms such as kindergarten, play school and pre-school are used interchangeably among parents and teachers. So, make sure you are well-versed with these terms before starting your search.

Pay A Visit

Ensure that before enrolling your child at a play school, you are completely satisfied with the facilities offered. Meet the staff and check if they are friendly, caring and trained in understanding the child psychology. Also, pay a visit to the classrooms and play area to check on the ambience.


This is the most important factor to consider while choosing a play school. The transport facility, classrooms and swings should all be safe for the kids. So, when you pay a visit to the school, make sure you have the safety factor in your mind. The food served in the school should be hygienic and the staff experienced and patient.

What is The Right Age to Send Your Kid to A Play School?

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Most play schools start accepting children at around two-two and a half years of age, but that does not mean that your child is ready for the school. It sometimes depends on whether your kid is mentally, physically, emotionally and socially prepared to participate in a structured educational program. You think your kid is 2 years and ready to start play school – but that’s not always the case. The child needs to be ready to adapt to the environment of a day care, away from home. And if he/she is not ready, it is OK to start in the next semester or even a year later.

Children while growing up get easily influenced by their surroundings; that’s why it is important that they are brought up in a loving and caring environment, where they inculcate good habits and a correct routine. And if your child has learnt all this under the family’s guidance, then he/she is ready for play school.

Different play schools have different admission criteria, but certain requisites that are mandatory for play school admission are as follows:

  1. Is your child potty trained?

Not all play schools require children to be potty trained, especially if they are 3 years or younger. But giving your child the basic knowledge of how to zip up the pants and washing his/her hands in advance will help them adjust easily in the school.

  1. Does he/she follow instructions?

Play schools don’t usually have super strict rules, but it is expected that the kid is okay with following simple directions, like walking in a line, following eating guidelines, etc.

  1. How expressive is your kid?

No 2 or 3-year-old is expected to speak full sentences, but he/she should be able to express his/her feelings to the unfamiliar adult - it could be using words or gestures. If you suspect a speech issue during your child’s growing up years, you can always consult a speech therapist.

  1. How well does your child transition?

Most play schools have a set schedule – from play time to lunch time to sleep time. So, the care givers expect the child to be able to adjust to the routine easily. If your child is not good at transitioning, you might want to work on it before admitting him/her to the play school.

Different people have different suggestions, but no one knows your kid better than you. So, whenever you decide that your kid is ready for play school admission, that will be the best decision.

Fun Play School Activities for Kids

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Preschoolers are naturally inquisitive students, who have an itch to explore their surroundings and find out answers in all areas of learning. Their curious minds needa diversion, where the toys, technology and rules are given rest, and they are introduced to playful learning. Developing this sense of joy and learning at a young age plays a big part in their adulthood. Playful learning introduces children to literacy activities, science, mathematics and sensory play. In fact, nowadays play schools consider playful learning activities as the foundation of a child’s formal education, instead of worksheets at a table.

For young children, any activity where they can take the lead and follow their own instinct helps enrich their brain, body and life in important ways. From hide-and-seek to peek-a-boo and obstacle course to hopscotch, the many forms of play prepare them for the future. So, here’s a grab bag of fun kids play school activities that can provide valuable learning experience to the youngest students.

  1. Handpainted Leaves: This activity will help kids develop their motor skills. Give bowls of different coloured paint to the kids and ask them to dip their hands in it and press them on a sheet of paper (where a tree’s bark is already drawn) to make colourful leaves of the tree.
  2. Grow a plant: This is not just a science activity, but will help kids understand the lifecycle of a plant. Give each child a disposable plastic cup, mud, water, spouts and a spoon. Help them fill the cup with mud, spread sprouts on the mud and place the cup in the sunlight. Then let them water their plant and check its growth everyday.
  3. Cardboard Creativity: Let the kids’ imagination run wild with this fun activity. Hand them a big cardboard, coloured markers and stickers, and let them create their imaginary world. In between the activity, keep asking them what they are doing so as to help with the process of language development.
  4. Exercising: Teach some simple exercises to the kids for their physical development. You will see how they love copying you and enjoy doing different postures.
  5. Build with Lego: Indulge the kids in a game with Lego, where they are free to create different shapes and structures with their imagination.

Play school activities are a fun way to keep the kids involved, while making them develop a new skill set each day.

Develop your child’s attention span

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“Come back here and finish this…..puhleeezzz!” - does this sound familiar? If yes, then you are at the right place. As mothers, everyone struggles with making their toddler sit down and focus on one single task. The situation becomes grave especially when your child doesn’t even sit down for a short period in the playschool. So how does one resolve this problem? Does it resolve by itself over time? While some children will outgrow the need to fidget, constantly being on the move, some will need help. With the help of our preschool teachers, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks (yes, tricks!) to help children focus or concentrate.

A fixed time for a fixed task - Playschools familiarise children with a timetable.This helps them know what it is they are supposed to be doing and what’s coming next. The same thing when reinforced in the house helps inculcate a habit of following a schedule.

Start small – Keep things small, this allows a child to finish and feel a sense of satisfaction that further propels him or her to tackle another task.

Keep away distractions -Keep the room that you use as study, very minimalist in terms of items, with no flashy objects or toys. If, for example, you use the dining table as the study table or study area, then request people to not enter the room at the time of study. A slight change in the environment and you’ve lost your fidgety toddler! This rule needs to be applied at a microscopic level. An example – All the tables in nursery school are bare - there are no cute erasers; this is because kids then intentionally make mistakes just to get an opportunity to use erasers.

Be mindful of the overall energy levels – Focusing requires energy, therefore be sure that your child has the energy to do so.Most daycare centres schedule a small nap to boost energy levels in the afternoon.

Incentives – Finally let’s admit we all need some incentive to tackle a task that we are not that fond of. So think of something that would interest a child. A bicycle ride after finishing maths or maybe a story after some alphabet writing; get creative with your toddler and watch their attention span increase!

How to choose a pre-school

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It is that time in your child’s life when you know he / she needs to go to a pre-school. You are anxious and a bit panicky… after all you are about to trust a stranger with your precious bundle. So how do you select a good nursery school or how to choose a preschool? While doing a Google search of ‘preschools in the area’ or ‘full time preschool near me’ might seem like a good idea there are other criteria to consider.

Firstly, is the kids’ nursery school geared to handle kids? By this, we mean to address the issue of safety… not just the obvious things like having a fenced-in area that is secure but important questions like - are the classrooms and play areas childproofed? Is the toilet child friendly or do they have big boy seats, which often intimidate kids that are in process of toilet training?

Talk of toilets ignites concerns of cleanliness. Assuming you are visiting the ‘daycare near me’ option, schedule a round of the school so that you may be able to look into the areas that your child will be frequenting. You will be able to judge first-hand the standards of hygiene maintained by the kids playschool.

Next is the pedagogy followed by the daycare centre. There are many schools of thought - Reggio Emmilia, The Waldorf Approach, Montessori, Playway Methodology etc. A nursery school may follow one or a combination of these approaches. Regardless of the methodology, the playschool should have a host of activities for your little one to learn from. Moreover, these can be discussed with the nursery staff whenever you schedule a meeting.

At St. Xavier’s Blessings Junior School, we understand the anxiety and nervousness that you feel as you get to the stage of being separated from your little one. As a premier playschool in DLF phase 4 Gurgaon we encourage you to scout for what you think is the best for your child. This is also why we keep our doors open for parents to approach us and see the amazing environment that we have created to nurture the child you have so lovingly raised. You set the bar high and we wish to raise it further!

Good Practices for a Happy Home

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We at St Xavier’s Blessings school believe that happy homes make happy children. We also believe in a few good practices for a happy home, because… who doesn’t love happy children! While every parenting style is different and one style isn’t superior thanthe other, we do believe that as one of the premier playschools in DLF phase 4 Gurugram we can share with you some good practices that can increase the happiness quotient in your house.

Have a family activity – there should be one activity that involves you all and is limited to you all; a special thing that is just yours. This could be as simple as taking a late night drive to India Gate for an ice-cream or playing a board game.

Eat together – Meals are a trying time for most moms and yes, it is frustrating to see a toddler refuse every bite, but do sit at the table with your own meals at the same time, watching you and your husband eat will let your young one know that this is food time. Watching you both interact will also teach your child to share about their day. Going forward, this will instil a need to share, which in teenage years will be a real blessing!

Practice what you preach – A toddler may, at times, not understand you but she/he can always see you, so do as you say. If you say colas are bad for health, then you yourself can not be seen chugging down aerated drinks! This might seem hard but it will make your child respect you and always believe you. So, follow your own rules!

Read ReadRead– Reading has many benefits and explaining those calls for a full blog post butin short, it creates lovely memories and can be a cherished everyday routine. Imagine if your child can pick up an old children’s classic and say my mom’s lion roar was the best or my dad’s big bad wolf was so real!

We hope that this list can help you in some small way to become a more close knit family. After all happy homes raise happy kids.

Engaging Children during the Summers

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Are you wondering how to keep your kids busy during the summer holidays? Are you praying diligently for these 40 odd days to end or the schools to open a bit early so you may avoid listening to “Mamma I am sooooo bored….”

Most children attend a variety of summer camps organised by daycare centres, nursery schools and/or playschools. If however, you both are at home during this time, then we, at St Xavier’s Blessings preschool and daycare in DLF phase 4 Gurugram have come up with a list of simple activities that can help engage your children and also bond with them.

Chess or yoga – You don’t have to master it but you just have to do it together. Who knows, in time both of you might master it. But till then think of the fun you would have doing it together.

Pool time summer - A little fun in the swimming pool goes a long way in tiring out your little one and also helps them overcome their fear of water. Take a small ball, play some water games and soon you will have a water baby!

Have a play party - Clear out your expensive showpieces, spread out a rug and invite their friends.Add some toys and you will have a lovely play party. When kids have company they can entertain themselves for hours without needing much.

Craft a craft gig - Get a box of craft supplies and see where the day takes you. You don’t have to make anything specific; let your child’s imagination guide you. You can easily bring out your your inner Picassowith a stack of blank papers and a box of water colours.

Summer special movie time - There are many classic Disney movies that you would remember from your childhood. It is time to introduce those to your little one. Some popcorn, a couple of movies and your little one is on his or her way to having their own list of favourite movies.

Choose any activity or make up your own, because before you know it summers will be over and you will miss spending time with your angel. Summer is the best time to engage with your child!

Early Years: The Most Important and Impactful Years

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Many a leading research magazine has extolled the importance of early childhood education. That’s because, at birth, a baby’s brain is about a quarter of the size of the average adult brain, it doubles in size in the first year, it keeps growing to about 80% of adult size by age 3 and 90% – nearly full grown – by age 5. Since the early years are the years of brain development, the daycare centre or playschool or nursery that you choose for your child must be of high calibre. The bar has to be set high from the start. So you can no longer think that the playschool near me is the chosen one!

 A baby’s brain has all that it needs for the future.The connections or the ability to use the brain is what needs to be developed. Hence, the pedagogy followed by the preschool must be one that takes into account the various skills a child needs to develop in order to function as an independent, socially confident and wholesome human being.

The question at this point that all parents ask of a preschool is, is it really possible to teach a child in nursery? Yes, it is. If the learning is not learning but play it most definitely is. Children learn by watching, some by doing and some by listening. It is this uniqueness of children that a playschool must capitalise on and ensure that they reach each and every child in their care. For this it is important for a playschool to train its teachers.

The Principal of the newly opened branch of St Xavier’s Blessings school at Galleria in Gurugram opines, “Preschool teacher is the first teacher a child has. Hence, they need to be trained so meticulously and intensely that a child doesn’t realise he has teacher but rather a playmate. St. Xavier’s playschool in DLF phase 4 Gurugram has developed a curriculum that helps in creating a sound foundation in the early years of your child’s education. After all every tall tree needs strong roots.”

What is The Best Age for Kids to Start Daycare?

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Parents don’t always have the luxury to wait to enrol their kids to a daycare because of work commitments and other obligations. But they need to understand that starting your child too early in a daycare might increase infant stress level, which will affect their mental development.As per recent studies, the right age to enrol a kid to a daycare is post 12 months. By the age of 12 months, children start making leaps in their language, and social and motor skills. They have also passed through their first wave of separation anxiety, which kind of indicates that they are ready to meet the world. Having said that, toddlers still have babylike qualities and some might even demand his/her parent’s constant looking after and face difficulty with separation.Though studies showthatearly toddlerhood is a good enough kid’s daycare age, the first few days, and weeks might be difficult, for both kids and parents.So, it is important for parents to understand that it will get better with time and the child will get through it.

While we have discussed the right age for a kid to join daycare, we must not forget the fact that the kid’s adjustment is also dependent on the school they attend, how long they stay there and their learning ability. A child’s learning ability largely depends upon how stressed they naturally are.It is found that the kids who are naturally calm and easy-going have an easier adjustment than their more anxious peers.So, babies need their time to develop an attachment to the new surroundings and trust their caregiver. They also need a safe and clean environment to be able to explore the world around them. So, it’s up to the parents to choose the right daycare for their kids. The place that offers clean and hygienic amenities, has experienced caregivers, has more scope of learning and has a well-maintained child is to caregiver ratio.

Browse, online for ‘daycare near me’, get in touch with the faculty and the parents who already have their kids enrolled and make a conscious decision.

Best Day care in Gurgaon

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No matter how many hours you spend cuddling your kids, saying farewell to your little one when you go off to work is never easy.But mothers, you know this is the best choice you can make for your kids. Being a mother myself, I was also sceptical about the idea of sending my little one to a daycare, but I did a lot of research – both online and offline, and I was surprised to know the ways in which a daycare benefits our kids. Numerous studies have been done to understand the benefits of sending a kid to a daycare, and undoubtedly, there’s no comparison on how much a kid can grow and learn here. Access to high-quality care at kid’s daycare in the initial years improves their emotional and cognitive development. Also, by being in constant touch with the fellow children and caregivers, kids become socially active.

With the growing number of parents sending their kids to a daycare, there’s been an increase in the number of daycare centres as well. Now that the options of kid’s daycare are many, it’s become difficult to choose the best one. When I was searching for a daycare near me in Gurgaon, I wanted to make sure that the daycare has all the top-notch amenities, academic resources and an experienced staff. I personally met the caregivers, talked to the parents and children, and read online reviews before making a conscious decision. Now, you’ll find mixed reviews for daycare in Gurgaon, which did confuse me a bit, but personally I feel daycare centres play an important role in the development of a kid. After attending a daycare for 6 months, my kid was not only socially active but was more aware of his surroundings. I saw how his pre-academic skills and the use of language improved. So, if you take my opinion into consideration, kid’s daycare is definitely a thumbs up.

If you are looking for a daycare in Gurgaon, visit the campus and faculty at St. Xavier’s Blessings. You will be amazed by the amenities offered and the daycare activities planned for kids. Go ahead, see for yourself and choose what’s best for your kid.

How to Select Best Day care for Your Kids

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If you are planning to go back to your 9-to-5 job, leaving your child at a daycare is probably the best decision you can make. The thought of leaving your baby with someone else all day, every work day is never a welcoming one; it’s the most difficult option to choose, especially if it is your first baby. So it’s okay to be a little sceptical about this decision, and not being sure how to go ahead with the search process. Since, early years are a crucial time in a child’s development and every mother would want their baby to be at a place that helps develop his/her social skills and gives access to quality education. To help you choose the best daycare centre, here’s what I looked for and the questions I asked the potential daycare providers.

Step1: Did My Research:Itook recommendations from my friends, family andmy paediatrician. I checked online for child care referral services for daycare centres in my area and read their reviews before checking with them for admission.

Step2: Visited and Interviewed:I personally went to the shortlisted daycare near me and screenedthem about the hours, fee, children’s schedule, centre’s policies, etc.

Step3: Checked References:I checked with other parents visiting the daycare about how satisfied they are. I also ask the centre for a list of past and present references, which really helped.

Step4: Dropped by Unannounced:There were times when I stopped by at the daycares unexpectedly, to get a truer picture. The centres that didn’t allow unscheduled visits were ticked off my list immediately.

Questions I Asked:

Q1. What’s the tuition and application fee, and the schedule of the centre?

Q2. What’s their accreditation / certification / basic criteria they have completed?

Q3. What will be the strength of the class, and the student to caregiver ratio?

Q4.What’s the qualification and experience of the caregiver(s)?

These are not all the questions I asked, but some of the important ones that you must ask before finalising the daycare for your kid. If you are looking for daycare in Gurgaon, you might want to consider St. Xavier’s Blessings for their infrastructure, amenities and kid’s activities.

Day Care and Its Impact on a Child’s Development

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While parents are usually the best caregivers for their children, certain circumstances, especially their jobs, make it necessary for them to seek part-time or full-time day care services.In fact, inpresent times, day care services are much more than a mere drop-off location for working parents. They provide a valuable support to the families where parents want their kids to have the best care and access to quality education.Over the years, the number of daycare centres, and people opting for them has increased dramatically.Now most parents are convinced that a kids’ daycare helps in an overall development of their child, but there are few who have their doubts. So, whether you belong to the former or latter category, it’s important you understand how a daycare impacts the growth and development of your child.

Numerous studies have been conducted to understand the impact of a kids’ daycare on a child’s development, and the results have been nothing but positive. There are various factors that define the impact, such as the amount of time a child spends in a daycare, overall quality of the centre and the provider’s investment in the child’s care. All these factors clubbed together influence many aspects of development- including school readiness, language development, social skills, behavioural adjustment and memory, to name a few. These developments also depend upon the choice of daycare centres - a high-quality daycare with all amenities and daycare activities or one with limited resources and teaching aids. The studies have shown that the children who were in best daycare centres were more likely to have higher cognitive academic achievement at the age of 15. The high-quality daycare centres are also linked to making your child less notorious in the growing years. At quality centres, the children are exposed to adult language, which makes them sensitive and responsive to day-to-daysituations. This is a positive development because it reflects the interaction and stimulation between a child and a caregiver that’s provided at a quality daycare.

There are a number of daycares in and around Gurgaon but choosing the best daycare will leave a positive impact on your child’s growth and development. So, it’s important for parents to consider the above-mentioned factors before choosing a daycare for their kids.

Benefits of Day Care For Your Child

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If you are a working mother or a father and are looking for ways to give your kid the best possible life, without having to make a professional sacrifice, kid’s daycare is what you should consider. Without a doubt, sending your kid to a daycare is a perfectly acceptable and positive parenting choice. In fact, studies have shown that the babies and infants between the age group of 6 months to 4 years benefit the most from the daycare environment. It helps build a long-lasting social, economic and academic relationship. For those in doubt, here are some more benefits that a daycare can have in the lives of your children and yours, alike.
1. Regular Schedule and Activities: Although, the kids might not be aware about the ticking clock, but they do have fun activities scheduled for them throughout the day. Storytelling, colouring and fun games are some of the daycare activities that can help in the intellectual growth and development of kids.
2. Regular Playdates: At kids daycare, children get to play and spend time with their peers in a supervised and safe environment. This teaches them to share, solve problems and learn well together.
3. Smooth Transition to Kindergarten: After attending a daycare, it becomes easy for kids to adjust to the formal schooling environment.
4. Helps your Family Thrive: While choosing daycare might be a heart-pounding option for you, but you’ll see how it benefits your child in the long term.
Finding the best daycare that supports and encourages your child will set the groundwork for intellectual strides to follow.
If you are a resident of Gurgaon, especially in or around DLF Phase IV, Galleria, Sushant Lok areas of Gurgaon and are looking for a kids daycare, St. Xavier’s Blessings will take care of your child and help him/her grow in a fun and safe environment.

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